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Variant Configuration Training

In response to new ways of working, we have completely updated our training offering for 2021.  It now features self-paced, online learning in combination with interactive, focused learning.

Online, Self-Paced Essentials Course

Experience, exposure, and practice are what you need to efficiently build and design multiple Variant Configuration (VC) model types. While other schools teach in a VC solution landscape, this course covers the challenges of modeling and integration from the perspective of those who actually do it. These lessons are expanded from real implementations , and this training provides that hands on, real world experience you need to be successful in the field.

Dive deeper than mechanics + syntax of VC modeling and learn how existing models work.  We show you how to solve specific kinds of problems with VC, and some common pitfalls to avoid that can make models difficult to maintain.

Topics Covered in the Online Course: How to Approach VC Models; Classes, Characteristics, Hierarchies, and Material Types; Configuration Profiles; Constraints; Referencing and Changing Sales Order Data; Pricing, Discounts, and Surcharges; Bill of Materials, Assemblies, and Components; Routing, Sequences, and Operations.

Interactive Focused Courses

Introduction to Variant Configuration (VC)
A 2-day intensive learning experience covering basic VC objects and concepts. Participants will gain an understanding of the Variant Configuration object relationships through lecture + hands-on creation of simple models in a test system.

Topics Covered: Characteristics, Classes, Classification, Configuration Profiles, Configurable Materials, Pre-Conditions, Selection Conditions, Procedures, Trace, Configurable Bills of Materials (Super BOMs), Configurable Routings, Dependencies.

"eLogic has helped me gain a considerable amount of SAP VC Configuration knowledge. Content was very relevant to our company's business processes and setup. This is true tailored training!"  - Carlos Escobar, IT ERP VC Data Analyst

Intermediate Variant Configuration (VC) Concepts

A two-day hands-on course where more advanced concepts in VC are covered.  We teach the structure of underlying database tables, how to use the tables to extract and analyze data from existing models, and to create tabular data to use as lookup and validation in multiple dependency types.  You will learn how constraints are a powerful method of controlling allowed data combinations.

Topics Covered: Multi-level configuration, Variant Tables: construction and dependencies to access the data, Constraints and Constraint Nets, Data Migration, Variant Matching, Scaling, Class Nodes, Database Tables (view only), Advanced Classification, Order BOMs, User Interface.

Expert Variant Configuration (VC) Course

This 'real-world' simulated one day advanced training is exercise-focused and refines the already comfortable modeler. Our instructor will guide you through modeling for optimal solutions, and how to avoid solutions that become difficult to maintain.


  • Topics Covered: Constraints, Multi-level Configuration, BOM Class Nodes, Variant Pricing, Multi-value Characteristics, Restrictable Characteristics, User Exits.

  • Expected Results: Participants who successfully complete the course will gain new insights and techniques for solving complex, real world VC problems.  They will have gained a level of confidence in handling ever-changing business requirements and needs.  This course will make modelers better and more efficient in their roles.


  • Is this course for you? The ideal participant is a user who has years of VC experience and uses it daily.  Thorough understanding of VC modeling a must.

*Note: We offer this training as an added benefit to our current and prospective SAP customers; it is not available to individual consultants or other consulting companies.

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