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Thomas Concrete Cements Their Future in

Digital Sales


A Global Foundation in Modern Sales Excellence

For nearly seven decades, Thomas Concrete has been a leading supplier of high quality, ready-mixed concrete for a range of customers. Their combination of concrete delivery, a wide range of services and mixes, and effective solutions have set them apart in the market.  

But both their European and U.S. teams were using antiquated sales technology that made their processes cumbersome. They were lacking efficiency, missing opportunities, bogged down in administrative duties, lacked adoption, mobility, and slowed in their responsiveness to customers.  

In these two stories, you’ll see how each of the European and U.S. teams are finding new paths to success through a digital selling platform that empowers them through analytical insights, improved customer communication, best practice processes, and more.

Driving Sales in the Cloud


Thomas Concrete takes their Sales Platform to the Cloud with a smooth migration to Dynamics 365 Online

Sales, Dynamics 365, Migration, Integration


Sales Excellence Cemented in the Cloud


Thomas Concrete Group moved sales to the cloud, empowering their European teams with powerful tools that improve service and results.

Sales, Dynamics 365, Migration, Integration

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