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SPX Flow’s Lightnin

 Improves Sales with eCommerce and CPQ  


"This is the highest value third-party relationship I've known. The eLogic team knows our industry, our processes, and technology - a combination that's helping us significantly improve our entire business” 

Jay Caraviello

Chief Executive Officer

For SPX FLOW's Lightnin, manual configure, price, quote methods were costing far too much time, money, and resulted in errors that delayed sales and shipments – ultimately hindering customer service. But with the right tools and training, Lightnin transformed their service and sales operations.  Lightnin provides industrial fluid mixers and agitators to a wide range of companies with diverse applications, and they manufacture a large catalog of products, from standardized portable mixers to complex, engineered-to-order heavy industrial mixers.


A Cumbersome Sales Process 


Products that require extensive design and engineering efforts are often difficult to properly select, configure, propose, and convert to sales orders. In Lightnin’s case, the sales force often had to rely on back-office experts who used manual processes to select, mechanically check, and configure the product offerings. Mechanical checks and product configurations were done off-line because sales representatives and application engineers had to correctly apply sophisticated combinations of configurable attributes based on complex calculations and compatibility rules. These procedures were extremely costly and far too often resulted in quotation errors that were not caught until order reconciliation. Capturing, reconciling, and posting sales orders was also an extremely time consuming, serial process involving up to a dozen steps. Orders were routed to as many as six different departments, with minimal automation, high error rates, and weeks of cycle time. Lightnin needed to streamline the quote and order processes to reduce costs and cycle times and improve transaction quality. 

Quote-To-Cash Solution

After considering a stand-alone, third-party software and custom developed application, Lightnin chose to partner with eLogic to launch a platform solution rooted in industry best practices.  Their solution, called SPX eSales is a web-enabled Sales Portal that empowered manufacturing representatives and application engineers across the globe with quote generation tools, drawing submissions, and sales orders on behalf of customers. Users can enter their application selection criteria and/or specific equipment configurations, and dynamic BOMs & CAD drawings are generated, along with proposals for customer approval. Upon acceptance, a proposal is automatically converted to an order and fed directly to the ERP system and factory floor. Users can also search for and purchase aftermarket parts.  

  • Enhances the customer’s experience with the sales process 

  • Streamlines the Quote-To-Cash (QTC) selling processes in order to reduce cycle times, errors, and costs while improving quality 

  • Integrates to the “sizing and selection” and mechanical design applications 

  • Integrates to CAD for dynamic generation of quote and installation drawings 

  • Integrates to ERP and other business systems 


  • Streamlined Quote-To-Cash processes  

  • CAD Integration 

  • Sizing and Selection Integration  

  • ERP Integration 

Key Stakeholders

Sales Reps

Turn quotes and orders around accurately and rapidly, with 80% time savings, giving customers a better experience. 


Spend far less time creating configurations and deliver orders that are 90% more accurate and include CAD drawings. 


Driving four percent cost reductions annually from order process improvements through channel management automation, while reducing misapplications and warranty costs – all improving customer service.

Reduction in Quotation Cycle Time



Reduction in BOM and Order Errors


Fulfillment + Warrantee Costs

Lightnin Fast Results

Lightnin leadership reported significant quote and order process improvements from automating their channel management, with cost reductions of four percent annually.  The eSales configuration, pricing, quote and order capabilities have reduced quotation cycle times by 80 percent and improved Lightnin’s responsiveness to customer needs. The eSales generation of quotes and CAD drawings has enhanced overall proposal quality and customer service. Automated order and BOM generation processes have decreased the error rates by 90 percent.


As a result, Lightnin reduces misapplications and warranty costs, while their customers receive the optimal product for their machinery requirements. The eSales’ aftermarket parts capabilities also ensure an essential source of revenue and preserve Lightnin’s competitiveness in a market where replicators can easily enter and capture market share.  How the solution is paying off:  


  • Quotation cycle time reduced by 80%   

  • Proposal quality enhanced through generation of CAD drawings and proposals that are professional and accurate   

  • BOM and order errors reduced by 90%


  • Fulfillment and warranty costs reduced   

  • Product selection optimized   

  • Aftermarket competitiveness improved


  • Customer service greatly improved  

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