Service Leadership

Driving the Future of Service

In Their Own Words

“My role is to drive customer loyalty & retention, revenue, and margins through a successful, efficiently run parts and service organization. I want to help drive a service culture that focuses on the customer experience while finding ways to create revenue growth through additional service and up-sell opportunities.” 

Daily Challenges Include

  • Resource Optimization 

  • Equipment Performance 

  • Tech Productivity 

  • Warranty Performance 

  • SLA Status + Responsiveness

How I'm Measured

Customer Satisfaction

Productivity +

Cost Improvement

Revenue vs. Plan

What I Need To Succeed
  • View of global key performance indicators and metrics with insights into gaps and guidance on how to improve.


  • Drill-down capabilities into metrics for further insights. 

  • Visibility into revenue vs. plan with slice & dice capabilities 

  • Collaboration tools across the entire organization. 

  • Escalation triggers for major deviations from targeted performance. 

  • Effective productivity tools for my entire workforce.


  • Scalable solutions that can meet increasing customer demands. 

Actionable Dashboards

Wondering what to take care of first? Centralize the metrics that are important to you without letting anything slip through the cracks from past due work, to escalation approvals, to exception handling, all in one place. 

Global View

I need a global view of all key performance indicators and actionable insights into any gaps, with guidance on how to improve and full access across the entire organization's capabilities.  Keep a pulse on the operation with key insights into service metrics and drill deeper to explore the strengths or areas of improvement in the operation. 

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