Sales Executive Leadership

Growing Sales Through Service

In Their Own Words

“When I’m doing my job at my best, I’m helping our customers improve the way they operate. I’m helping them improve efficiencies while growing service revenues, mix, and margins. Field techs are a valuable asset in my role. They are a trusted, customer-facing expert on the equipment, and can provide guidance and share sales opportunities when they arise in the field.” 

Daily Challenges Include

  • Opportunity Creation 

  • Proactive Maintenance + Service 

  • Contract/Entitlement Tracking 

How I'm Measured

Contract Renewals and Upsells

New Service Revenues

Revenue vs. Plan

What I Need To Succeed
  • Automated alerts of escalation notices that highlight actions I need to take. 

  • View of KPIs showing my performance vs. targets 

  • Collaboration tools to link team members across sales & service. 

  • Field Service and Customer Service teams to be empowered to enter opportunities into CRM based on their customer interactions 

  • Dashboards with insights into service opportunities I can act on. 

Actionable Dashboards

Don’t let opportunities slip through the cracks or fall behind by having a centralized dashboard of actionable tasks to be completed. A central hub of new opportunities, approvals needed, or issues helps reduce research and response times so opportunities move smoothly to the next steps. 

Automated Workflows

Put opportunities in the right hands by automatically routing them to the appropriate person or team.  Automate escalations and alerts to keep the momentum. 

Performance Tracking

Identify strengths and areas of improvement in a sales organization by diving into several revenue sources from field tech upgrade recommendations to service agreements renewals. 

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