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Rich Products Adopts the Next Generation of Customer + Channel Engagement 


“I have a high degree of confidence in eLogic as a true business partner. They met all of my expectations and delivered on time and under budget.”   

Program Manager

Rich Products

With roots as a customer-centric company and goals to grow their business and bottom line, Rich Products devised an entirely new sales strategy. To improve their market penetration and increase sales, they transitioned to a direct sales channel and hired an internal sales team, moving away from a broker-based model, to sell their broad array of specialty food products, recipes, and services. Their new sales team needed the tools and training to hit the ground running for an enterprise with multiple lines of business and $3 Billion in annual revenue. 


A New Sales Strategy 

Rich Products established an entirely new sales organization and needed a comprehensive platform to support their thousands of products, multiple sales channels, and several business groups globally, and integrate to SAP and other industry-specific marketing, sales, and database capabilities. Time to implement was critical to meet the sales channel transition and fiscal goals. 

They chose to launch their new wave of customer and channel engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their platform, and eLogic as their partner based on depth of expertise in both Microsoft and SAP technologies.  Leveraging hundreds of industry best practices, eLogic complemented the customer team with a rapid deployment that led to a strong base for business and geographic expansions. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Rich gained the ability to manage relationships and sales opportunities, improve efficiencies in the product lifecycle, have visibility into operations, and streamline sales processes with a unified structure across lines of business.  And as part of their direct sales channel strategy, Rich’s leadership has full visibility into the activity of the sales reps and distributors who ship the products to customers. 


  • Dynamics 365 Sales  

  • SAP Integration 

  • Global Solution 

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

  • Channel Partner Enablement 

Key Stakeholders


With a unified platform, leadership gained a 360-degree view into sales efficiency, customer profiles, relationship management – and could monitor the entire customer lifecycle. 


Dynamics 365 and SAP integration allows smooth management of shipping, transportation, and order details, all synched to ERP and CRM, while giving insights into the entire lifecycle. 


Integration to Dynamics 365


Customer Visibility

Global Reach

Rich Products also now leverages Dynamics 365 to help with production – based on sales data in Dynamics 365, they use that knowledge in their operational planning and forecasting.


Rich Products also enhanced their customer service by engaging eLogic to replace a legacy system with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. With a unified platform, Rich’s sales team and leadership gained 360-degree visibility into customer profiles, customer care, complaints, and relationship management.


Next Generation Customer + Channel Engagement 

Through seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and SAP, Rich experienced improved logistics. They now manage shipping and transportation of product information within Dynamics 365, with visibility into order details. This ensures shipping data, items ordered, and product information synched from ERP to CRM is accurate, readily available, giving insights into the full product lifecycle. 

From orders to shipping, forecasting and improved customer service, Rich Products transformed their company with a single platform for customer and channel engagement.   

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