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Will You Differentiate?

Many companies with complex products have attempted to standardize in order to streamline the supply chain. But most of these attempts have failed to fully deliver and many are outright failures. Customers want the best value that meets their needs. And since price is related to perceived value, differentiation gains relevance. More than ever, an inability to meaningfully differentiate in the eyes of their customer makes low price the determining factor at point of sale.

We specialize in solutions that enable differentiation without the historical performance drag—people costs, slow and error prone processes and disruptive production flows. By offering speed, accuracy, timeliness and quality of experience, you can have the best of both worlds. Today, availability of critical data, automated proposals, electronic ordering, original equipment history and a host of customer service options are a necessity. All customer functionality must be properly conceived and implemented to create the most satisfying experience at point of original sale and within the service environment. Future customer loyalty will be based on knowledge management, quality of service, alliance relationships, and the ability to effectively collaborate at all levels of customer decision-making. Customer intimacy and retention will be based increasingly on data and transactional prowess versus the product feature-function-benefit values of yesterday. Will you differentiate? It is strategic and it is a choice—and it CAN be simplified

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