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  • Nader Hassan

Why is my BOM not exploding?

Why is my BOM not exploding?

It’s a common experience: you create the BOM, go to the configurator, fill the conditions, try to explode the BOM and… no items show up.

If you want to explode a BOM in a Production Order, you’ll want to build the BOM with Production-Relevant line items. If you want to explode a BOM in a Sales Order, a BOM with Sales-Relevant items must be maintained.

Otherwise, it can have one or multiple causes that are BOM, Configurable profile, or even Material related. The following is a list of things you may want to check and validate if that happens to you:

Configuration Profile: Check your profile and make sure that you have the right Process and Application. Also, validate if the BOM you built has a usage that is compatible with your Process and Application.

A PP01 BOM application would prioritize a usage 1 (Production) BOM, then a usage 3 (Universal) BOM.

An SD01 BOM application would look for a usage 5 (Sales) BOM first, then a usage 3 (Universal) BOM.

BOM Header: Make sure your BOM is released, and that you don’t have a BOM alternative or a BOM with a prioritized usage based on your BOM application taking over your BOM. Also, make sure your BOM doesn’t have a deletion indicator.

If you are using a usage 3 BOM (universal) you may have an empty Usage 1 or 5 BOM with just a header that is being picked up first based on your BOM application.

Relevancy Settings: If you are using a usage 3 BOM (universal). You should also check the relevancy flags for the item.

For example, if you are using your universal BOM as a production BOM and your items are not flagged as production relevant, your items won’t show when you explode your BOM. The same thing would happen if you are using it as a sales BOM and your items are not flagged as sales relevant. Items in a Production (usage 1) BOM are already flagged as production relevant and in a Sales (usage 5) BOM these are already flagged as sales relevant. However, in a usage 3 BOM, these flags need to be set manually.

Profile Compatibility: In a multilevel configuration, the settings between Parent and Child Configuration Profiles have an impact:

You cannot have sales relevant components under an OrderBOM profile.

Also, you can’t have a Planned Production setting (with a BOM explosion) under a Sales SET Profile. Please refer to the attached matrix for valid combinations.

BOM and Materials Validity: one thing that might be helpful to check is the validity date of the BOM and its materials. Make sure your BOM and your materials are valid for the current date. Also make sure that the materials are in stock for the given date.

If your BOM is not valid for the given date, it would not show up. You may want to create the BOM slightly in the past instead of current dates.

If your items are not valid for the given date, you will see the BOM but without these specific items.

If the materials are not in stock for the given date, they will appear in the sales document. However, if they are not in stock for the delivery date, they won’t be scheduled: you won’t see them as schedule lines when you try to schedule your delivery. This may slightly change depending on your system settings.

Configurator View: one thing that might affect the results you are seeing is the view you are simulating in. If the BOM is exploded from a Sales View you might get a Sales BOM or a Production BOM. If it is exploded from an Engineering View, you will get an Engineering BOM.

Keep in mind that in CU50, for a multi-level model, the only items that show up in the Config Browser window on the left are Configurable Materials with active Profiles. Other Sales Materials won’t appear.

Matrix of parent to child profile settings relationship:

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