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Where Does Social Fit in the Workplace?

With 1.32 billion active monthly users, Facebook has become a bit ubiquitous in our daily routine. Twitter, similarly, has 271 million active monthly users and sees over 500 million tweets sent per day through its servers.

So if social networking and media has become such a natural part of our everyday lives, why hasn’t it caught on in the workplace?

Sure, some businesses have Facebook or Twitter accounts to connect with their customers, but rarely are these accounts used for actual meaningful interaction; generally they serve as more of an extension of the company’s marketing arm and parrot product announcements, promotions and sales that are already announced on the corporate website or traditional media.

Seen even less frequently is a company that is leveraging social tools internally to communicate, collaborate or build comradery amongst employees.

However, that might be about to change. Leaders in the enterprise application space are starting to take notice of the lack of social-enabled software in the office and have begun integrating it into their core product lines. Specifically, CRM has been identified as a place where Social integration could add tremendous value, both internally and external to the organization.

Gartner recently released their September 2014 “Magic Quadrant” of the current Social landscape and Microsoft has moved into the “Lead” position reflecting an ideal balance of Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.