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What You Need to Know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 Release Wave 2

Microsoft is releasing Dynamics 365 Wave 2 this October, and with it comes some great new features and benefits. Read on for a few pieces of advice from our team to help you prepare!

Our Manufacturing customers often customize Dynamics 365 to suit their specific needs and realize the full potential of the platform to enable their organization. This is one of the greatest strengths of Microsoft business applications. All new functionality in Dynamics 365 Wave 2 will be implemented within the Unified Interface and present with improved load times and modern design on any device. As with any new wave, your organization needs to be confident that your customizations continue to work with the new features, including the new Unified Interface.

To ensure a smooth transition, Microsoft and eLogic strongly recommend that you fully regression test your solution with the new features and changes in a sandbox environment. This testing will allow you to:

  1. Verify that the changes will seamlessly roll-out to your users (prior to Microsoft pushing the release).

  2. Avoid negative impact to any workflows, integrations, or customizations.

  3. Identify opportunities to train staff to leverage new features.

​Unified Interface

The new Unified Interface will eventually replace the legacy Classic Web Client (at a date to be determined by Microsoft). While there is no current deprecation date for the Classic Web Client, it is important that you prepare for and leverage the benefits of the Unified Interface now!

Microsoft’s objective for the Unified Interface is to provide a consistent experience across devices and form factors with an accessible, uniform user interface with responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any device. Some highlights of the Unified Interface include:

  • 63% Improvement in Grid Load

  • 37% Improvement in Form Load

  • 45% Improved Dashboard Load

  • 30% Improvement in Quick Create Speed

  • 27% Improvement in Mobile App Launch

However, you can’t get these benefits without updating to the Unified Interface! The Wave 2 Release does not require you to change over to the Unified Interface, but that day is coming and it’s best to be prepared. Testing is available now, and it’s highly recommended you get started, or reach out to us to help with this change.

Other New Enhancements Coming in October Include: 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enhancements

  • Softphone Dialer 

  • Simplified Lead Management Experience

  • Integrated Embedding of Power BI on Dynamics 365 Forms

  • PowerApps Integration within Power BI – take action straight from your report

  • AI Builder – easy to use AI models, image and form recognition and automation

  • PowerApps Component Framework Controls – highly customizable form components to make user interaction easier

  • Offline Mobile – update your opportunities while on an airplane and not paying for data

  • Geofenced Flows – automate tasks and updates when a service rep enters a customer site

  • Virtual Agent – automatically greet and triage customer questions routing to a representative

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