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  • Tom McKee

What Makes an Enterprise Intelligent?

Today, more than ever before, companies are dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and growing customer expectations.

This why it is vital for enterprises to maximize their investments in cloud, mobility, analytics, and artificial intelligence by leveraging their data to provide actionable insights that empower their teams to make proactive, real-time decisions. This ability will enable them to optimize performance, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver better value to their customers.

At the enterprise level, all manufacturers are measured by how they perform against the same performance metrics:

  • Increasing revenue

  • Increasing profitability

  • Gaining a higher return on invested capital

  • Improving cash flow

To achieve the targeted outcomes, each element of the Intelligent Enterprise must deliver specific outcomes that companies are focused on improving. Although value can be derived within each element, the true power of the Intelligent Enterprise is realized when companies harness the end–to-end business process integrations that span these elements.

This is where the transformative impact of the Intelligent Enterprise can enhance a company’s ability to overcome challenges and realize business outcomes. For example, building supply chain resiliency and responsiveness from using real-time insights related to shifts in customer demand patterns to quickly make adjustments with suppliers and factories to ensure supply chain continuity and preserve customer service levels.

In this video, I discuss how manufacturers can begin their journey to become Intelligent Enterprises, focusing on the Agile Factory, to quickly leverage their data to deliver insights that drive business outcomes.

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