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  • Mike Shields

What Leading Global Manufacturing Executives are Saying about their Strategies for Service and IoT

How do your Service and IoT strategies stack up against industry-leading manufacturing execs?

More and more we’re taking part in conversations with manufacturers about their desire to connect products and service. I wanted to know how many are taking action, so I polled 7 global manufacturing executives to see how developed their strategies are for Connected Service and IoT. The discussions show an inspiring result that each of them is making proactive investments to engage all customers and partners – from original equipment sale through upgrade, service, maintenance, and retirement. Here is an infographic to help you respond to Service as the new market driver, plus a few excerpts from our conversations:

We are driving to close historical gaps between original equipment sales and full life-cycle care, service, and support.  We are investing in new technologies and systems that engage all customers and partners from original equipment sale, throughout the upgrade, service, maintenance, and retirement cycles.

Our focus is to improve overall profitability AND customer loyalty & engagement.  We can no longer handle the disconnected roles of channel partners, and have increased emphasis on beating service/parts replicators by managing pricing and lead-times, local coverage, and superior customer service to win or win back ‘aftermarket services.’  We are paying attention to IoT strategies and solutions.

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