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  • Lawrence Matusek

What Else Can We Be Doing?

We are all dealing with unprecedented times and challenged to manage, innovate, and service our customers in new ways.

In this presentation, Lawrence Matusek gives some recommendations on valuable activities to perform, especially while workloads are impacted. He also discusses longer-term goals for the next 5-10 years, which involve training, and making tactical improvements.

Top Takeaways from this Presentation:

  • Start preparing for S/4HANA – including data quality and cleansing, customization review, modernizing VC models, and off-system work

  • Do strategic planning around configuration, pricing, quoting, and forecasting

  • Invest in education, training, and certifications, and available courses around CPQ, AVC, S/4HANA, and VC

  • Make tactical improvements around performance optimization, system landscapes around VC, project methods, workflow and approvals

Lawrence has over 25 years of progressive manufacturing industry and SAP technology experience and is one of the top global architects and solution designers for SAP configuration and related solution enablement. As Managing Partner of eLogic’s SAP and CPQ Practices, he has been at the forefront of many of the industry’s most advanced solutions for engineered and configured-to-order products. His recent work with the S/4HANA and CPQ integration has helped to advance these powerful new SAP capabilities for eLogic customers. Lawrence is also Past-President of the Configuration Workgroup and serves as the Vice Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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