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  • Ed Schmidt

Two Easy Steps to Better Quotes in Dynamics 365

Editable Quote Grid creates high impact quotes in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The application allows you to add lines quickly and easily, drag and drop to change the order of items, efficiently and simply apply discounts, edit any field for the quote line, and assign different fields to departments to avoid the clutter of sales and service working in the same quote. Editable Quote Grid allows the creation of compelling, accurate proposals in a fraction of the time and personalized with your company’s branding.

Your company can now try Editable Quote Grid with a 30-day trial available on Microsoft AppSource, and it couldn’t be easier. Before you do, though, you must have admin access to your CRM, so getting the help of IT would be best.

Getting the trial is as easy as 1, 2… It’s so easy you don’t even need three steps.

Navigate to AppSource by clicking here and then click the free trial button, making sure you are signed in with your Microsoft account.

Determine which environment you want to install Editable Quote Grid. We recommend a non-production environment to ensure no conflicts between your customizations and Editable Quote Grid. A test environment should be utilized to ensure business users get hands-on experience. Press the “Agree” button to install to the selected environment and your 30-day free trial is ready to use.

If you have questions, you can learn about Editable Quote Grid features via the install and user guides on AppSource. If you’re experiencing difficulties or just want a guided tour, contact me directly at and we will help you get the best of what Editable Quote Grid has to offer. We’ll also check in periodically during your trial to see if you have questions we can answer.

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