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  • Patrick Latour

Top 5 reasons to use SAP Product Configuration APIs

The latest APIs from SAP are powerful and can take your B2B and B2C eCommerce applications to new levels. Interactive configuration and pricing can transform your online customer experience into an intuitive, interactive and accurate sale with an ease of integration that was previously impossible. Here are our top five reasons to use these powerful APIs.

1. Reuse your already developed VC/AVC models on the web

After developing custom solutions for many years, this new capability is a game changer. There is no need for a time-consuming or expensive third-party application involved with your SAP backend – the real VC models built in SAP are there, callable, ready for you to use. It is sort of like an IPC in the cloud! The provided web services are intuitive and quick to respond. Just get a web developer with a VC specialist to get started!

2. SAP pricing at your fingertips

Ever heard your SAP SD team saying things like: “You can’t just use the list price, what about all the other steps in the pricing procedure?” The Pricing Service portion of this API is doing exactly that – running the whole SAP pricing procedure to give you the same price that a customer will see in a quote or order. Show the pricing elements you want online, run pricing the SAP way, and stay consistent between front sales and the back office.

3. A single API package for all your needs

This is a single API with everything you need. No need to use various backend functions (BAPIs). Whether you are looking at using commercial endpoints (CRM, portals, etc.) or developing your own custom applications, make sure you are leveraging this API package. It gives a unique entry point on your VC data models and ensures consistency that wasn’t previously available without a lot of extra work. It is also a step toward the S/4HANA and AVC (more on that in a future blog).

4. Use models for more than ordering a specific configured material

Over the years, we have had a lot of requests from customers for guided selling, product proposals and many other related configuration problems. The challenge had always been to call SAP configuration outside of a purely product configuration context. Now you can use VC for any type of constraint and/or procedural based calculation. Some of the models we built for our customers serve that exact purpose – helping your customers find the right product for their needs and then configure it to their specifications.

5. No complex server installation required

Since the APIs are using the SAP Cloud Platform, the only required task is to connect it to your SAP backend. This is simple compared to the previous journey of setting up your own IPC (or other) server infrastructure. All the time saved on this setup can be redirected to developing an engaging user experience in your applications. On top of it, SAP will manage the cloud server for you and apply all relevant notes as soon as they are available.

We have already started developing applications using these APIs, and we are very excited about the new solution possibilities. I hope these five reasons for using SAP Product Configuration APIs will inspire you to take advantage of this great new technology to push your commerce to new heights. There are more exciting plans on the SAP development roadmap regarding the SSC and AVC.

For more information on these services, be sure to check out the API Business Hub for a wealth of information. 

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