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Thomas Concrete Skyrockets Productivity in the Cloud: A Concrete Solution to Complex Sales

Thomas Concrete has been serving their customers for over 30 years, and is a leading supplier of high quality, ready-mixed concrete. By combining delivery of concrete with a wide range of services and mixes, they provide complete and effective solutions for construction projects to the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets with a wide-ranging level of complexity.

But the U.S. sales team had an asynchronous and manual processes, inaccessible data, and slow response rates to customers, on top of a dated customer relationship management system (Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise CRM 2013). Not to mention adoption of their CRM system was low, because sellers could not access it all the time, forcing them to batch their work and document notes and details after the fact.

The team at Thomas partnered with eLogic to help them establish a platform for improved sales processes and increased efficiency, enhanced reporting and insights, increased business continuity, and reduced hardware overhead through increased user adoption, mobility, productivity, and customer responsiveness.

Click below to see how eLogic migrated Thomas’ on-premises CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and how their move to the cloud doubled user adoption and a 15% time savings.

To learn more, please click here to see Thomas Concrete's story on our website.

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