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Things to Know Before Implementing AVC....featured at CWG 2018!

Are you going to the CWG North American Conference 2018 in Nashville next week? Thinking about using the next generation S/4HANA Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC)?

Learn what you need to know about AVC in our session at CWG in Nashville!

Things to know before Implementing AVC

Date: Monday, October 15, 2018 @ 3:45PM - 4:30PM | Room: Centennial


This presentation explains the key differences between AVC and LO-VC and our initial findings from working with AVC. The Advanced Variant Configurator (AVC) is SAP's next generation configurator for S4HANA; it promises a new user experience, syntax enhancements and built-in analytics.

What You Can Expect:

We'll present AVC-only benefits, things to watch out for, what's new in the current release, and what's coming. SAP is investing in VC like never before, and we’ll give you practical information and observations to help you start thinking about your configuration roadmap. And we will be there to help you when you are ready to start you journey!

Why Attend?

eLogic has contributed to the AVC Influence Council throughout the entire 2+ years that this focus group has advised SAP Development and evaluated new and proposed AVC/classification functionality. We've had the privledge of working hands-on with AVC with a few select customers as AVC takes shape.

Meet the Presenters:

Lawrence Matusek | Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer, eLogic

Rick Servello | Senior Consultant & VC Architect, eLogic

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