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The Agile Factory: Industry 4.0 Learning Series for Manufacturers [On-Demand]

Join this 4-part virtual event series on The Agile Factory: Industry 4.0 Learning Series for Manufacturers, with industry experts from Microsoft, Riveron, and eLogic to explore best practices, success stories, and the technologies that create factories of the future. The 4 episodes include:

  • Begin with the End in Mind: Lessons learned from a Smart Factory Initiative

  • Building Blocks of Industry 4.0: Where to Start

  • My Assets Are Connected, the Data is Flowing, Now What??

  • Connected Factory: Scaling the Intelligent Enterprise

Event Series Overview

While “Industry 4.0” has been around for over 10 years, recent world events have accelerated the necessity for manufacturers to increase their focus on digitally transforming their operations. However, these global events have also made it difficult to prioritize projects, not only from the investment side, but also in finding how and where to start.

You’ll hear directly from eLogic’s Industry Principal Tom McKee and Industry Solution Architect Brad Zorn about their experience creating Smart Factories during their time in industry with a Fortune 500 global manufacturer. You’ll also hear from leaders like Jon Hobgood, Honeywell’s Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation, who is leading their automation & manufacturing technology strategies across 150 factories.

Hosted by Microsoft, you'll hear from John Kovac, Manufacturing Director for Industry Solutions, and Mike Peterson, Manufacturing Industry Executive, whose teams are responsible for developing and delivering high-impact solutions that empower manufacturers to develop and lead digital transformation strategies within their organizations.

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Episode Details

Topics in the series include:

• Building a Smart Factory business case

• Finding where to start or how to accelerate through the maturity stages

• Best practices for security and architecture

• Change Management for people & process

• Finding a path Smart Factories, no matter no matter what state your factories are in

Episode 1: Beginning with the End in Mind: Lessons learned from a Smart Factory Initiative

This introductory session will share successes, best practices, and building business cases for Smart Factory initiatives. Industry leaders that have implemented smart factory projects will share their insights on topics, including:

  • Industry 4.0 Framework

  • Successes & Lessons Learned

  • Building the business Case

  • People, Process & Technology (IT/OT)

  • Security best practices (IT/OT)

Episode 2: Building Blocks of Industry 4.0: Where to Start

The Second Session will focus on learning best practices from those that have implemented Smart Factory initiatives around finding the right areas to start. Brad and Tom will share how to get started running your first pilot to prove ROI.

Topics include:

  • Asset Connectivity: Where & how to start collecting meaningful data

  • Driving project ROI with a successful pilot

  • Best Practices: People, Process & Technology (IT/OT)

  • Building the business Case

  • Security best practices (IT/OT)

Episode 3 - My Assets Are Connected, the Data is Flowing, Now What??

This episode will explore how to move from data collection & pilot modes to the visualization of actionable insights. It can seem like a big step, but Tom McKee and Brad Zorn will join a panel of Microsoft leaders to share how to move from seeing what’s already happened to predictive analytics and real-time insights. 

Topics include:

  • Moving from seeing what’s happening to understanding causes and impacts

  • Best Practices: People, Process & Technology (IT/OT)

  • Scaling to multiple lines & sites

Episode 4: Connected Factory: Scaling the Intelligent Enterprise

In this final episode, you’ll hear how manufacturers can focus on scaling connected factories across sites, leveraging machine learning scenarios, and moving to cognitive manufacturing.

Topics include:

  • Remote Operations

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Factory Digital Twins

  • Best Practices: People, Process & Technology

About eLogic’s Presenters

Brad Zorn

Brad is a proven Data & Analytics leader with nearly two decades of experience designing industry-leading analytics that drive Enterprise and Plant Operational Improvements and enable data-driven decisions. Most recently, I was the Director of Enterprise Architecture for Westinghouse Electric Company. Prior to Westinghouse, I held numerous positions at Kennametal, including Director of Digital Manufacturing & Enterprise Analytics.

Tom McKee

Tom is an influential, collaborative and innovative C-Suite Leader with extensive experience leading business transformation, change management and large, global organizations within a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer. As Industry Principal for eLogic, I lead the development and execution of key consulting services and products for modernization of our customers, driving the future of manufacturing through digital transformation, data-first culture, and cloud-based technology. Prior to joining eLogic, Tom held Executive Leadership roles in IT, Operations, and Supply Chain Management, supporting annual revenues of more than $2 billion, inventories of $500MM+ and over 100 sites globally for Kennametal, a publicly traded global manufacturer.

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