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  • Joé Desbiens

Starting the ABAP Debugger Without Using the Command Field

What can you do when you cannot type /h in the command field to fire up the ABAP debugger? In this post, you will learn how to create a short text file which can be dragged to any SAP window, starting the ABAP debugger automatically.

It is a rather well-known that no matter where you are in SAP, you can type /h in the command field so that the next action will start the debugger. However, the said field has to be available for input in order to achieve this. Unfortunately, that will sometimes not be the case. For example, when a dialog pops up in SAP, it has to be closed for the command field to become available again. If you wanted to diagnose the state of the code at this specific moment, you would be unable to do so using the /h method.

Luckily, it turns out there is a quick trick to overcome this problem. Simply create a text file with the following code in it, and place it in an easily accessible folder (your desktop, for example).

Sample code:

From now on, if you ever need to start the ABAP debugger and the command window is not available, just drag the .txt file to your desired SAP screen, and the debugger will fire up for it.

Watch eLogic's "Quick Tip" video on how to start the ABAP debugger without using the the command field.

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