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  • Mike Shields

Simplification of B2B Commerce: Embracing Complexity, Balance & Rock Climbing | eBook

Simplification: It may be hard, but winning in today’s B2B2C internet economy with unnecessary complexity is becoming impossible.

In this eBook, which you can download below, I’ll discuss commerce complexity in detail in order to help you do something about it. It’s not that hard to simplify. eLogic has been helping manufacturers to streamline practices since the beginning of the internet economy.

In my experience, there is a bright path forward for companies that take simplification as a true business imperative. I’ve seen it happen many times… where these seemingly intractable problems of costs, slowdowns, errors, and administrative annoyances disappear from the commerce processes. Business becomes more efficient, productive and EASY.

Companies that master simplification will win the B2B2C Commerce game. They will systematically beat their competitors who will end up like the boiled frog who never realized the temperature was rising in that pot and jumped out in time.

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