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  • Lawrence Matusek

SAP CPQ 2105 Prerelease

SAP is doing another prerelease for the upcoming 2105 quarterly release. Prereleases inform customers of specific changes that may affect existing enhancements and require more time to test and resolve than the typical two-week period between sandbox and production updates. Key changes in the 2105 prelease are outlined below.

  • The POST /api/v1/quotes and PATCH /api/v1/quotes/{quoteId} endpoints will require administrators to state the ValueCode parameter instead of the CpqTableEntryId parameter when creating and updating quote custom fields with the autocomplete attribute type.

  • Administrators who have customized the ConfiguratorView template need to adjust it to avoid breaking changes.

  • Users will not be able to use any SAP CPQ resources as part of their own websites after the 2105 release.

  • Due to Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11 on August 17, SAP CPQ users are advised to switch to another browser.

  • Customers and partners should submit new feature requests in the SAP Customer Influence portal as of April 1.

The targeted 2105 deployment schedule is:

  • Non-Production: Saturday, May 8

  • Production: Saturday, May 22

See the full prerelease announcement here.

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