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  • David Kohar

Quick Wins in Manufacturing Modernization that Build Transformational Momentum

A marathon is won taking one stride at a time. Such is the case for modernization and data projects for manufacturers.

In this video, Industry Principal Tom McKee and I discuss ways manufacturers can find strategies and methods to quickly surface and leverage insights to improve their operations. After spending 40 years in industry, McKee has seen many opportunities for manufacturers to get started on their modernization journey without taking several months to realize benefits.

By starting with a simple project, McKee says, you can find a positive result without the need for a huge investment of resources. That initial quick win can be a starting block to expand and build upon, adding other projects to achieve additional positive results as you move down the path of modernization.

McKee said there’s a perception that you need to invest considerably in new software, resources, or consulting. However, companies are already sitting on a goldmine of existing data. They can very quickly take this data, ingest it into the right format, and gain valuable insights into what is occurring on the factory floor. Manufacturers should not be hesitant, McKee says, because they can quickly get their hands on this data and use it make real-time decisions, resolve issues, and run their factories better.

There are exceptional amounts of data that exists in ERP, PLM, CPQ, and even in spreadsheets and other offline databases. The data is there, and it is easier than many people realize to pull together and access.

McKee continued, “A personal realization for me was discovering how the Microsoft Power Platform, using shop floor data that already existed, quickly enabled 360-visibility into the factory without requiring a larger investment in an MES solution, or extensively customizing the existing ERP platform. In a matter of weeks, factory personnel had insights into root causes of scrap issues and unplanned machine downtime, as well visibility into detailed production order status.”

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If you want to learn more about defining your roadmap and developing some quick wins to start your journey, reach out to Tom McKee or myself David Kohar or contact us here:

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