• Lawrence Matusek

Pumps & CPQ: Solving CPQ for Pumps with Industry Best Practices | eBook

Pumps are the most widely used process equipment in the world. Applications vary widely and determining the best pump for a given need is one of the best opportunities for knowledge-based guidance to get the right pump for the job.

In this eBook available for download below, I’ll take you inside best practices for pump manufacturing sales, insights on selection & sizing, CPQ & ERP innovations, and much more. You’ll read about: Proven Tools & Methods for Pump Selection, Sizing, & Configuration The knowledge base for pump selection has been codified by industry experts, and while there is no single standard there are many proven tools for sizing and selection. These tools can be integrated with sales and product configuration systems to allow for a seamless digital experience.

Sales Best Practices Lawrence discusses solution selling, which includes not only pumps, packages, and systems but also related installation services, extended warranties, maintenance plans, accessories, spare parts, training, and more, which can maximize opportunity value and provide a comprehensive answer to the end customer’s needs.

The eLogic Approach See a flyover of eLogic’s proprietary strategy methodology, developed from over 100 CPQ implementations.