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Power Platform for SAP

Leading manufacturers are leveraging Microsoft's Power Platform to create and connect apps and workflows to their existing SAP environment. Microsoft Power Apps enable high impact projects that untap the value & native capabilities of SAP without major investments or overhauls of legacy systems.

​Getting critical data from SAP surfaced to your end users is a complex challenge. Workflows can also be complex, with many repetitive tasks that eat into your time and productivity. Transactions can be long and cumbersome, with laborious approvals and processes. Functionality and data aren’t always available or accessible on mobile when you need it.

Click below to get a detailed look at eLogic’s approach to utilizing Power Apps for SAP to drive incremental, agile initiatives that vastly improve user experiences, save time through process automation, and improve productivity, without the need for large-scale implementations.

To see more on Power Platform for SAP, click here to visit our website.

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