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  • Matt Lamb

Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket™ Creates a Buzz at Field Service USA

Last week we had the pleasure of presenting at Field Service USA with Microsoft’s Clayton Fernandez about our solution, Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket™. The response has been fantastic, as manufacturers see the power to drive wallet share and revenue with specific account and product guided intelligence.

Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket™ leverages your customer order data and machine-learning to generate precise parts and service leads – product recommendations for your customers delivered in interactive dashboards, CRM, and/or a mobile application. We apply your ERP transactional data, CRM account attributes, market factors, and industry trends to yield powerful and accurate recommendations. Your sales teams get fact-based, actionable insights into what products and services your customers are most likely to buy, but are not currently buying from you. These recommendations are derived from data and factual evidence based on the purchase history and behavioral profiles of customers like them in similar end-use markets and applications.

A question we heard throughout the week was: “How do I further monetize my field service?”

The reason field service industry leaders reached out with excitement is because their sales channels may not be optimizing the capture of this vital aftermarket potential. Sales reps, third-party authorized service providers, channel partners, distributors, and field service technicians all have direct customer interactions, opportunities to convey value. Arming them with the specific parts their customers are statistically likely to buy, can lead to major revenue opportunities. This is changing the aftermarket game.

Pinpoint leverages the same type of science and statistics as recommendation engines used by Amazon and Netflix that give you suggestions on things you should buy or watch based on your purchase and viewing history, as well as the behavior of customers like you. Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket™ opens the door to tap into that same technology for manufacturers, created with the most relevant factors that define and influence your industry to give powerful product recommendations for your team to bring to your customers. Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket™ tells your field service reps and sales teams what to sell and who to sell it to.

As a data scientist, this is a thrilling project. We’re using proven technology & analytics, adapted specifically for the needs of manufacturers. Pinpoint can drive revenue and win the aftermarket with insights that are very accessible to sales and field service teams. Gaining back a share of the aftermarket has been a challenge that manufacturers wrestle with, and Pinpoint is a tool that can give you a competitive advantage to finding new revenue opportunities.

Coming soon to Microsoft AppSource!

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