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  • Ed Schmidt

Packaging Quote Lines Has Never Been So Easy

In this video, you’ll see just how easy it is in Editable Quote Grid to tell a story to your customer through clearly packaged items in your quote. It’s no longer necessary to send multiple quotes with an email to explain them.

With just a few quick clicks, you can package items into logical groups your customers will understand, improving service while saving time.

Editable Quote Grid is a plug-and-play quoting app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that effortlessly applies discounts, offers fast drag-and-drop line editing, changes any field in a quote line, and much more.

Your company can now try Editable Quote Grid with a 30-day trial available on Microsoft AppSource, and it couldn’t be easier.  Before you do, though, you must have admin access to your CRM, so getting the help of IT is recommended.   

Click here and then click the free trial button to get started.

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