• Lawrence Matusek

My Favorite News in CPQ Updates: SAP CPQ 2105, 2108, and beyond

You may have noticed that I did not publish a blog for the 2105 release. That was intentional after I read the release notes and concluded that trying to summarize the highlights for an entire release is no longer practical. It isn’t that new releases don’t contain a wealth of valuable new features and fixes; in fact, it is the opposite.

There are so many disparate new developments that it is difficult to explain general themes or use cases. I assume that this is a function of the Customer Influence Program that SAP introduced with the 2105 release. This program provides a forum for customers to propose and vote on those topics that provide the most business benefit. As a result, much of the release news is now very context specific, and readers would need a lot more background if I were to explain what this news means to them.

Therefore this will be the last blog in this series. I plan to continue blogging on the major developments in CPQ, but those blogs will be more theme-based as opposed to release-based. In fact, I will use this blog to give you a flavor for those theme-based blogs to come.


SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (a.k.a. BRIM) is a key enabler to the ever-expanding service and software-based economy. BRIM is brimming (pun intended) with functionality to design, sell, deliver, and bill these recurring revenue solutions. Nearly all our customers is looking at ways to monetize and manage the value-added services and software they can offer to complement their products.

It is very difficult to quote recurring revenue solutions in CPQ applications that are designed for the one-time sale of products. In fact, this has been a growing challenge in SAP system landscapes over the last few years. With the integration of BRIM and CPQ, SAP has provided a very robust and competitive solution to this challenge. You may have noticed that BRIM related features have been part of every CPQ release since 2102. I expect that to continue. Watch for a separate blog on BRIM with CPQ that I plan to publish in 2022.