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  • Lawrence Matusek

My Favorite News in CPQ Updates: SAP CPQ 2103

This weekend marked more than the annual transition to Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the United States and Canada. It also marked a small SAP CPQ update that occurred outside the normal quarterly cycle. This update went into Sandbox tenants on March 13 and will go into Production tenants next Saturday (March 20).

According to SAP, the update covers three main topics with various related support issues resolved.

The import and export of pricebook entries can now be performed exclusively via the Bulk Import/Export functionality.

The ranking functionality is now more user-friendly.

Changes performed in the guided selling administration are now logged in the Audit Trail.

The new ranking functionality is most important to our modeling team. First, the rank number is now incremented by 1 as you add new elements (instead of adding them with the same rank as the previous element). This avoids any potential confusion about the processing sequence. Second, the rank number can now be directly viewed and assigned in overviews (like the attribute value ranking dialog shown below). This brings a very valuable feature of the now deprecated Products 1.0 user experience (discussed in my previous CPQ 2102 blog) into the current Products (2.0) user experience.

The return to DST is one of my favorite events each year as the sunset in Rochester, NY now happens after 7:15PM. That means summer and a return to warmer weather are not far away. I also like to learn about new CPQ updates that make our job easier to do and/or provide better native solutions for our customers. This weekend, I got two for the price of one!

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