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  • Joé Desbiens

Moving Variant Table Records in SAP

In the world of variant configuration, it’s useful to know that variant table entries are not set in stone. The position of the different entries can still be changed afterwards. Read on to find out how!

When adding new entries to variant tables using transaction CU60, you might eventually make a mistake in the order of the entries. However, there is no need to delete and create new entries to put all table records in the correct order. Here is a faster way to overcome this little annoyance.

While in the table maintenance window, you can get in select / deselect mode by clicking the button in the toolbar or pressing F9. From this mode, you will be able to perform operations on specific lines. To move a specific table entry:

  • Tick the box to its left.

  • Click on the line (not the tick box) where you want the entry to be moved

  • Click on the move button or press F7.

The line will be inserted right at this position. Do this for as many entries as you need, save your variant table, and you’re good to go!

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