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  • David Kohar

Microsoft Wave 2 Brings Deeper Customer Insights and Digital Sales Collaboration

There are hundreds of updates coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many are aimed at bringing us closer to customers through improved insights and engagement.

Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Dina Apostolou gave a thorough look at Microsoft’s Wave 2 updates, including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Insights. In this clip from the full interview on all Microsoft Business Applications, which you can watch here, Dina shows how the latest updates get you a 360-degree view of customers to build better, more personal relationships.

Dynamics 365 Sales will incorporate AI to surface new insights for sales reps and will also include improved forecasting abilities. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights gets even more extensibility through Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft is also adding more ways to manage content on social media and improve its engagement through Dynamics 365 Marketing, which will also see webinars hosted in Microsoft Teams.

From October 2020 to March 2021, Microsoft will be rolling out new features and functions across Dynamics 365 applications.

Wave 2 highlights from Dynamics 365 Sales include:

  • A new mobile experience offers quick access to customer information and makes it easier to keep this information current.

  • Forecasting and gamification features will be enhanced with a set of capabilities that natively create and manage bottom-up sales forecasts to drive accountability and predictability.

  • Microsoft is also adding a host of usability enhancements that reduce friction and make features easier to use.

Wave 2 highlights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights include:

  • ​Continuous enhancements to the activity timeline, B2B capabilities, data unification improvements, more 3rd party export destinations, additional predictions, measure & segments enhancements, relationship management improvements and more features for administrators.

Wave 2 highlights from Dynamics 365 Marketing include:

  • ​Updates will allow you to easily create rich content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and optimize when posts are delivered.

  • You’ll also be able to run webinars and meetings using direct integration with Microsoft Teams and manage registrations, communications, and reporting all within Dynamics 365 Marketing.

I invite you to watch the full interview with Dina Apostolou, where she gives an extensive overview of Wave 2 updates across multiple solutions, as well as a look at how Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform are becoming a leader across the marketplace.

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