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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and ClickDimensions – Which Marketing Solution Makes Sense For You

Microsoft’s new Dynamics Marketing (MDM) application and the popular third party tool, ClickDimensions, provide two great options for Dynamics CRM organizations to track and manage their marketing efforts; both of which work with your existing Dynamics CRM instance to both elevate and enrich your marketing efforts. In terms of functionality, MDM and ClickDimensions are more similar than different. Areas such as Campaign and Event Management, Email Marketing, A/B Testing, Web Tracking, and Lead Scoring are just a few of the places where these programs shine.

Their features and implementations, however, are markedly different (for a quick feature/ function chart, jump to the graphic at the bottom of the page). That's why eLogicians have been hard at work evaluating both solutions so that we can make the right recommendations for our customers' individualized needs.

Ultimately your marketing objectives should suggest which of these products will make the bigger splash. With that said, here are a few questions you’ll want to ask when selecting your marketing solution for CRM.

Will your organization need to track marketing budgets, media buying, job requests, and approvals?

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing supports your marketing team from start to finish, and allows in-depth tracking and analysis of how many media dollars you’re spending and who needs to give the green light on big decisions to help manage workflows and resources in a single platform. ClickDimensions, conversely, is ideal for the agile marketing environment.

Would you like to use a Marketing platform directly within your Dynamics CRM instance?

A major selling point for ClickDimensions is that the solution is native to CRM. This means that you can use ClickDimensions within your CRM instance and all of the data within your CRM is seamlessly integrated with the ClickDimensions solution. MDM also integrates with your CRM instance through a “connector” that transfers data between your CRM and MDM (see our post on setting up this connector). MDM is still in its early stages, so our bet is that MDM and CRM will soon be integrated; it does after all live as part of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Have you fallen in love with Microsoft Social Listening?

Or even if you haven’t, now is a good time to learn about what it can do. Microsoft Social Listening can elevate your company’s social media awareness (see what else you need to know about Social Listening). Not only will you be alerted to what your customers are saying about you, but you’ll also get the scoop on your competitors. But that’s not to say ClickDimensions does not have social capabilities. In fact they have a several interesting features that will connect your leads and contacts to their respective social network pages. Social sharing links can also be dropped into your messages with one click.

Do you use Surveys, Text Messaging, or Event Integration?

If so, ClickDimensions has included a robust, yet easy to use survey designer. It employs skip logic, configurable question types, and a response automation system. For example, if a customer fills out a less than flattering survey, your customer service team could be alerted immediately. As for Event Management, ClickDimensions integrates with GoToWebinar, WebEx, and Eventbrite, which will bring event, registration, and attendee information directly to your CRM environment. Lastly, ClickDimensions has the capability to send bulk SMS/text messages to your marketing lists.

This is just a short overview of your CRM marketing options, but we hope that it will point your search in the right direction. For more information please visit the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and ClickDimensions websites. Or better yet, contact eLogic to learn more about these tools and what’s best for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and ClickDimensions Functionality:

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