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  • Mark Stevens

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Closing the gap between Sales and Marketing

Last week, Microsoft announced BIG NEWS that the next release of its Dynamics CRM platform will be available in Q4. This release includes enhancements to the entire CRM Platform – Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Listening, as well as improves to the interoperability with Microsoft’s productivity applications, including Office 365, SharePoint and Power BI.

Through this release, Microsoft strives to change the relationship between Sales and Marketing. These two parts of the organization are often out of sync when it comes to demand creation – Sellers feel that Marketers are not providing enough ‘qualified’ leads, and Marketers feel that Sellers don’t provide sufficient feedback on these leads. Both groups become frustrated and the process breaks down. Luckily, with the latest version of the Dynamics CRM platform, Microsoft is closing the gap between these two. Sales and Marketing are able to more easily collaborate with one another and improve the productivity of the entire demand creation process to meet the needs of a modern organization.

So, how exactly does the new release close this gap? It helps both Marketing and Sales!

Check out Microsoft's Press Release for awesome coverage of the updates.

Microsoft continues to redefine CRM by creating a truly integrated platform that allows Sales and Marketing to improve collaboration, engage customers and provide measurable outcomes for its demand creation process. Stay tuned as we build out in-depth analyses of the new features in Dynamics CRM.

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