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  • Matt Lamb

Maximize Parts and Service Revenues Through Your Most Trusted Advisors

We’re here to show you how to tap into a great resource that enables field service techs to help you sell more parts and service – without becoming ‘salespeople.’ It’s about leveraging their status as knowledgeable ‘trusted advisors’ to your customers and outfitting them with a simple set of capabilities.

I’m talking about field service techs and engineers extending your organization’s ‘feet on the street.’ Your service workforce interacts with your customers as much as, if not more, than most of your sales and customer service teams. These techs and engineers can leverage that relationship to improve customer service, loyalty, and ultimately, sales.

First of all, we know that you don’t want to turn your field techs and engineers into salespeople – nor should they be. But they are experts in their craft, and they’ve earned the trust of your customers. They’re the face of your enterprise to many of your customers and are there when they need help. Techs and engineers get eyes on your equipment, see if there are competitor parts, notice aging equipment, and more. And because of this, they can make recommendations to your customers to replace parts and equipment, and then pass those sales recommendations and insights about equipment and competitor parts to the sales team.

Why do this? Because it works, and it works well. The likelihood of selling to an existing account is 12x that of a new account.

Research suggests majority of customers have bought extended warranties, upgraded to a better & more efficient product, or bought a product they weren't aware existed after talking with a service tech.

In the demonstration above, I show you how your techs and engineers in the field can use modern field service management tools, like eLogic’s equipment360, to pass on these sales recommendations and competitive insights to your sales team.

To make this all a reality and ensure success in getting insights and leads, your field service reps need the right training, tools, and support:

  • Modern Field Service Technology – Arming your team a mobile device and field service solution is key. It is central to allow your teams to track parts, recommendations, competitive insights, and share them all in one central tool.

  • Incentives – When your team has an incentive, like recognition and bonuses, they are far more likely to support your goals.

  • Training – Some light sales and product training will give your field service team the confidence they need to make those recommendations to customers and sales teams.

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