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  • Lawrence Matusek

Mastering Differentiated Products: Configuration Matters | eBook

This eBook is about turning on the full power of configuration to hit the mark with your markets and customers every time so you stand apart from your competitors with the right fit, price, and delivery.

What if you could do that without the historical disruptions, margin drag and complexities of ‘customization?’ It’s not only achievable, but in this era of ultra­competitive manufacturing - especially within technical and specialized products and services manufacturers - it is now essential. Commoditization is a market­ share & margin killer in these industries. It leaves technically superior industry leaders vulnerable to be knocked ­off by copycat competitors for the more standard (commoditized) market and customer segments.

It may leave you open to be ‘cherry ­picked’ to handle only the most difficult customer needs while competitors gain the market share and margin of the easier to predict and pre­-standardized needs. The ability to stand apart with core product technical superiority and meet specific customer and market demands for specialized ‘perfect fit’ solutions slams the door on less agile and inefficient competitors. This chapter explains why Configuration Matters in your ability to master differentiated products and meet your customer’s demands.

Click below to download this eBook and dive into enabling efficiency & flexibility through configuration.

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