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  • Mike Shields

Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer | eBook

Knowledge-based technologies have become essential for manufacturers to thrive.

The challenge facing manufacturers isn’t to simply sell products, but to differentiate – stand out from the crowds – and keep products maintained for customers who stay loyal for service and ease of doing business with. Consumer and retail manufacturing is trending toward ‘differentiation as a differentiator.' But for capital equipment and the related engineered solutions, it is now deadly to remain “product-driven”.

In the past, as long as you were the best at engineering, design, and commercialization of your core expertise and product technologies you could dominate markets and win customers. You could hold off new entrants who ‘knocked off’ your products and components as long as pricing was within a reasonable range of the new entrants. Now, that is no longer enough.

In this eBook, we take a look at this shift from product-centric to customer-driven, along with insights into best-practice models for mixed-mode demand that enables manufacturers to master differentiation in varying degrees - from standard to highly engineered.

Click below to download our eBook on Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer.

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