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ManufacturersCPQ: The Business Case for Configuration [ASUG Webcast]


On-Demand by filling out the form below! August 22, 2017, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm EDT


Configuration is often perceived as complex and isn't well understood, even in organizations that use it. This session answers executive questions such as what business problems configuration solves, how configuration solves them, what mistakes are often made, how leading companies use it, and where to start. If you feel there must be a better way to sell, make, and manage data for your products and services, then this presentation will help to prove you right.

This presentation will address:

  • What is configuration?

  • What business problems can configuration solve?

  • SKU Proliferation

  • Lengthy NPI and Change Processes

  • Nonresponsive Quoting

  • Margin Erosion

  • Reliance on Tribal Knowledge

  • How can configuration solve them?

  • SKUs not required

  • Owners of configuration

  • What mistakes are often made?

  • Inadequate expertise

  • Inadequate preparation

  • Unnecessary complexity

  • Unnecessary customization

  • What are leading companies doing?

  • Engaging UI and UX

  • Guided selling

  • Generating visuals, drawings, and proposals

  • Offering quick ship programs

  • Offering configurations that are not yet fully engineered

  • Where should you start?

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Hosted by:

ASUG Configure. Price & Quote SIG


Lawrence Matusek, Executive VP & CTO | eLogic

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