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Make Complex Buying Simple [on-demand webinar]

Complexity is all around us. We want things to be simple, but simplicity can be hard to find in this digital age—especially when it comes to complex B2B selling models and contract cycles. Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software, processes, or administration might seem complex. However, even these processes can be made simpler. When an organization takes the time to understand its pricing, quoting, and contracting processes, it is quickly able to enjoy the simplicity that comes with an effective CPQ solution.


In this webinar, we discuss current trends in complex selling models, recent shifts in customer expectations, the subsequent impact on the organization, and how the right CPQ solution can help to overcome the complex nature of those sales. Watch to learn how B2B organizations leverage CPQ solutions to simplify and unify customer centricity to:

  • Accelerate and streamline sales operations

  • Gain a strong competitive advantage and diversify revenue streams

  • Deliver a seamless and intelligent customer experience CX

To view the webinar, please follow this link to visit the SMITH website. eLogic, SMITH, and SAP created this webinar in partnership.

Featuring the following Panelists:

Lawrence Matusek | CTO, eLogic

Ryan Heusinkveld | CTO, SMITH

Brian Diehl | VP Industries, CX at SAP

Liz Duggan | VP, Industry Solutions, SMITH

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