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Lincoln Electric (The Harris Products Group) + eLogic to present at the ASUG Annual Conference

Using Configuration to Automate Product Creation + Maintenance

Organizing your products in the SAP Product Lifecycle Management application (SAP PLM) provides benefits that reach beyond PLM. Hear the story of how SAP PLM positioned The Harris Products Group (Lincoln Electric) for its variant configurator (VC) implementation. The presentation delves into relationships between engineering data used in SAP PLM and that used in VC, as well as best practices and implementation tips.

Session ID: ASUG10408 | Click here to add to your agenda

Date/Location: Wednesday June 6, 2018 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm S331C (South Concourse, 3rd Floor)

Presented by:

Jeff Crawford | Director of IT, Lincoln Electric Company (The Harris Products Group)

35+ year Management and Technology consultant now serving as Director of IT for a major division of Lincoln Electric. Current focus is on expanding the use of SAP. Projects - BW, Tooling, PPS, Cap Mgt, OA-Esker, PLM/DMS, VC, S/4 Hana Strategy, QM.

Lawrence Matusek | Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer, eLogic

Lead Solution Architect for all eLogic solutions with 25+ years in engineering and information technology consulting. Vice President of SAP Configuration Workgroup (CWG) and a key contributor to influence groups on the topics of analytics and next generation quoting solutions.

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