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Lawrence Matusek Discusses Latest Configuration Trends in Novus CPQ Podcast

eLogic CTO and Managing Partner Lawrence Matusek joined the Novus CPQ Podcast, sharing his experiences and insights into the latest configuration trends.

The Novus CPQ Podcast, which you can stream here, is entirely focused on Configure Price Quote tools and processes, providing insights from industry leaders around the world.

In this interview Lawrence discusses various CPQ Solutions eLogic has implemented, eLogic’s partnership with SAP, the SAP user organization -- Configuration Work Group, the business impact of the pandemic, SAP Quote 2.0, interest in visualization, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT Solutions, and much more.

Lawrence Matusek has over 30 years of progressive manufacturing industry and SAP technology experience and is among the top enterprise architects for SAP configuration and related solution enablement. Leading eLogic’s SAP and CPQ Practices, he has been at the forefront of many of the industry’s most advanced solutions for engineered and configured-to-order products. His recent work with the S/4HANA and CPQ integration has helped to advance these powerful new SAP capabilities for eLogic customers. Lawrence is also Past-President of the Configuration Workgroup and serves as the Vice Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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