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  • Mike Shields

Knowledge Based Commercial Excellence (KBCE)

This is an exciting time in our industry… those of us who have specialized in dynamic structures, and complex or mixed mode business solutions are finding a world of increasing demand and new challenges like never before. When I was considering the topics for this series, it was all about INFLUENCING the direction that we take into the future.

It was way back in the 1980’s then that I started working with the earliest stages of what was to become Knowledge Based Systems. I was building manufacturing systems for a world-class manufacturer… in those days I used to wonder just how much data and information would it take to truly master that Fortune 25 company? I was excited about being part of the solution… to develop the complete process/systems model. Ever since then I’ve watched each successive leap forward in Information Technology CHANGE the expectations … and shape the needs. As data and information became more readily accessible the demands kept increasing. I still can’t answer that question about how much is enough… but I know we don’t have enough yet… the world is changing too fast…

For today I’m going to focus on a specific aspect of this change to Knowledge Based Systems…– specifically a new mental model for conducting commerce – from OPPORTUNITY to CASH. Now the thing about changing mental models is that they require a new way of looking at things… we’ll look at some of the trends that are shaping the new world order of commerce. In this case, advances in technology have actually CREATED and DRIVEN a new way of doing business…

This is where the excitement is happening… especially for those who have been preparing for it… there is a new model that’s right at the tipping point for industry… it’s already happened for consumers.

I want to introduce a term that may be familiar to many of you… COMMERCIAL EXCELLENCE. In its simplest terms is positioning your organization to be the best at meeting the customers’ needs, while optimizing your company’s performance. There is a whole set of practices that are included… but for our purposes, it is simply BEING EXCELLENT AT COMMERCE. This does NOT simply mean being best at SELLING, although that is part of it… it’s about the entire value chain. And this is where so much has changed in the past decade…

Be sure to check back for future KBCE posts.

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