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  • Mike Shields

Knowledge Based Commercial Excellence - Change the Game

Full leverage of configuration technology is the KEY to success for many companies in today’s ultra specialized markets. This is a trend that will continue, so mastering the best practices and developing the game-changer solutions is worth every bit of your attention.

The major challenge is to get executives to understand and see the strategic opportunity that faces them. There are real choices to be made – and it is critical to communicate specifically the choices which are available.

Getting started requires an understanding of the full demand driven value chain – and the fit of your company’s products into the competitive landscape. Development of a solid business case is also critical. It requires some new perspectives, some education and some leadership of this change. I believe that companies need to build this core competency at the CIO/CTO level – and to challenge any and all service providers and software vendors to demonstrate their direct competency with these solutions.

Opportunity is to create a shared vision and new reality which can not only “move the needle” but CHANGE THE GAME.

The opportunity will belong to those who create a dynamic culture and the ability to swiftly adopt proven technologies that will provide a platform for future growth and adaptation as well as a starting point that moves to a future state of sustainable competitive advantage. Who is going to be the game-changer? Could it be a competitor? Or is it you?

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