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Kennametal Factory Modernization with Shop Floor to Top Floor Insights

This is a true enterprise modernization story about the power of cloud technologies to shift a competitive manufacturing landscape. It’s Kennametal’s top executive-driven modernization program to digitally transform the entire business for the future.

Behind the scenes of the production operations, eLogic established the connective fabric for this modernization to perform seamlessly. That included supporting the enterprise SAP migration to Azure, cleanup and redesign of SAP master data and Planning/Scheduling functions, integrating production machine data, and layering in real-time feedback loops for both immediate and long-term performance enhancements with Power BI, Power Apps, Azure IoT, Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL, and Azure Data Lake.

Click below for an in-depth look at the results Kennametal is driving from shop-floor to top-floor within manufacturing centers of excellence connected to a new digital customer experience.

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