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Join Us at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence Conference in Dallas!

eLogic is excited to join Microsoft and Avanade for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) International Conference in Dallas, October 17-20, 2022. The 38th annual AME International Conference features inspiring keynotes, knowledge sharing from industry practitioners through interactive sessions and presentations, best practice tours of local companies, and networking with AME's global community.

In Booth Experience: Immersive Use Cases

In our shared booth, industry experts from eLogic, Microsoft, and Avanade will present an immersive industry use case experience where you will see:

  • How to connect data across an enterprise and drive insights manufacturers leverage to make informed business decisions

  • The unique opportunity to extend SAP ERP with Microsoft Power Apps to enable high-impact projects that untap the value & native capabilities of SAP without major investments or overhauls of legacy systems

  • Connected field service utilizing equipment360 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, D365 Customer Service, IoT Central, and HoloLens in an end-to-end interactive demo to experience the value that advanced service processes can provide to manufacturers

On-Stage Showcase: Intelligent Factories

We'll also be on stage Wednesday, October 19 at 10:30am in the Dallas Ballroom A3 discussing "Intelligent Factories: the results are in! What can you gain and how to get started!"

The ability to adapt quickly to rapid change is a defining factor between manufacturers that simply survive and those that thrive. That’s why manufacturers across the globe are tapping into advanced technologies to build more agile, smarter factories. At this session, Microsoft along with Avanade and eLogic will present strategies to help your organization drive digital transformation and gain an edge and also sharing insights and key findings from August 2022 IoT Signals report.


Michael Walton, Industry Solution Executive, Microsoft

Jennifer Johnson, North America Manufacturing Lead, Avanade

Justin Pittman, Industry Principal, eLogic

Register for the event here. Learn more about eLogic below:

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