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Join the CWG Niagara Regional Chapter!

The Configuration Workgroup (CWG) is an international user group of SAP customers and partners, focused on the topic of product configuration as implemented in the Variant Configurator (VC) and in the SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator (SAP IPC).

Member benefits include access to forums and blogs to exchange ideas and solutions from the active community of customers and VC / IPC experts, conferences in the US and Europe, contributions to the further direction of Variant Configuration and access to an ECC6 SAP system and CRM system.

The CWG Niagara Regional Chapter recently began meeting. This region is defined as Upstate and Western New York State including Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton, and Northern Pennsylvania including Erie. It also includes the area between Niagara Falls in Canada east to include Greater Toronto and west to include Kitchener, Quelph, Waterloo and London, Ontario. The boundary is not exact and if you live or work near this geographic area, you are welcome to join us.

Email eLogic at, or visit the CWG website with any questions!

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