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Intelligent Factories: What You Can Gain and How to Get Started

eLogic will join Microsoft and Avanade on stage at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) International Conference on October 19, 2022 at 10:30am in the Dallas Ballroom A3 discussing "Intelligent Factories: the results are in! What can you gain and how to get started!"

Microsoft recently spotlighted the manufacturing industry for their August 2022 IoT Signals Report, which "reveals insights from real-world manufacturers that have started their digital transformation journey. It also uncovers fresh learnings about the state of industrial IoT devices and technology in manufacturing, specifically in the areas of manufacturing operations and smart products."

Join us in Dallas to learn how to tap into advanced technologies to build more agile, smarter factories with the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, and more. At this session, Microsoft, Avanade, and eLogic will present strategies to help your organization drive digital transformation and gain an edge and also sharing insights and key findings from August 2022 IoT Signals report. Here is a glimpse into the six key digital transformation & IoT manufacturing trends:

  1. Most manufacturers are advancing their efforts to build smart factories.

  2. Operational improvement is still a top goal for manufacturers.

  3. Organizations are shifting investments to industrial automation-based process control.

  4. Manufacturers face new challenges with scaling smart factory initiatives.

  5. IT-OT convergence is happening in the manufacturing industry.

  6. Manufacturers plan to increase investments in smart connected IoT products.

Register for the event here. Learn more about eLogic below:

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