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  • Justin Pittman

How to Optimize Your Field Service [Video]

Field service isn’t serving many manufacturers the way it could.

Service can be a very reactive process. Companies often do not find out about problems, or potential problems, with their equipment until it actually fails. Work orders are dispatched only in reaction to equipment failures, and field techs often make repeated trips to a job site because they don’t have all the necessary information the first time, or have to reorder parts. This all spirals into costly downtime and unhappy customers.

At eLogic, we take a strategic, connected approach to field service using real-time data & automated alerts, and empowering field technicians with full information and technologies that get them to first-time fix. Microsoft has named eLogic the Partner of the Year for Field Service, and we take full advantage of their suite of technologies to enable our customers to maximize service capabilities and profitability.

In this video, you’ll see how we optimize service with Azure IoT Central, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Microsoft HoloLens, Remote Assist, along with our own solutions, like Part Finder™. It all adds up to saving money and time with reduced service costs, decreased downtime, and improved customer satisfaction.

See for yourself what field service looks like with eLogic.

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