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  • David Kohar

How the Microsoft Crisis Communication Power App Can Help Manufacturers

In response to COVID-19, Microsoft released Crisis Communication: a Power Platform template to assist customers in communicating and helping to manage the logistics of their employees.

For manufacturers that typically have a large percentage of their employees working in factories, plants and offices, this week has seen significant change to get everyone into a safe working environment through communication plans that capture employee feedback and needs. The Crisis Communication app can give an organization a substantial start to managing this process more effectively with their employees.

We created this video to introduce you to the Crisis Communication solution, which has 3 main components that can be accessed directly in the Power App, through Teams, or on a mobile device.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 main components:

1. Employee Experience

The employee experience allows individuals to log in and easily access information about:

Company News

Helpful Tips



Emergency Contacts

Request Submissions

Status Sharing

The 2 screenshots below show the experience in Teams and mobile:

2. Administration Experience

The administration experience allows the Crisis Team to update key information for employees very easily, and the information is shared with employees in real time.

The administration experience can be accessed natively in Power Apps, through Teams (shown below) or on a mobile device.

3. Reporting

The solution also comes with a Power BI report that allows you to see stats on Employee Status, including # people out of office and working from home by geo.

The solution can get you up and running very quickly to help you manage communication, information sharing, and team collaboration with your organization..

If you have questions about the solution, how to implement, or how to tailor for your critical business needs, please reach out to us.

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