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  • Ulrik Carlsson

How do you use Data Science in Field Service?

Business Solutions Lead and Microsoft MVP Ulrik Carlsson hosts his podcast, Power BI & More, with guest Matt Lamb, an eLogic data scientist who discusses the vast potential of using data science in Field Service implementations and why Field Service implementations are particularly interesting

Matt and Ulrik walk you through the wealth of data that can be used for both advanced machine learning scenarios to predict equipment failures through vibrations, creating advanced DAX formulas in Power BI to optimize Work Order scheduling, and why you might want to create your own ranking of Work Order as opposed to what is delivered out-of-the-box.

Service providers are struggling with aging software or paper systems that don’t provide insights to leadership through analytics. Some companies have outdated or non-existent performance goals because they lack a method of collecting and tracking data or don’t know which data they should be tracking.

eLogic’s latest field service solution, equipment360™, includes a Power BI Analytics Package with operational and performance dashboards measuring the most prevalent industry KPIs. equipment360™ is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, with pre-built enhancements service providers need, including equipment digital twin, workforce management, a total mobile experience with offline sync, a centralized view of customer and equipment activity, all of which will facilitate increased response time and productivity with efficient and enjoyable customer experiences.

Ulrik Carlsson, Business Solution Lead for eLogic and Microsoft Business Applications MVP, hosts this podcast as his own production for the community. This particular post was brought to you by D365UG.

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