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  • Matt Lamb

How Data Can Put You Back on Track in an Uncertain Economy

When we arise from these uncertain times, manufacturers will, more than ever, need to utilize data-driven approaches to reach their sales targets. Pragmatic techniques with aggregated precision will distinguish those who are able to regain their posture and even gain share as the world begins to heal.

The screenshot below encapsulates a marketing insights control center as output from eLogic’s Pinpoint Sales for Aftermarket. It’s part of an analytics solution that gives prescriptive sales recommendations to sales reps – telling them what to sell, to whom, and when – while capturing customer feedback across your portfolio to inform strategic decisions for the enterprise.

With these insights, you can attain:

  • Advanced segmentation selections aligned to specific campaign and strategies

  • Customer behavioral signals and patterns that reveal how to deploy account-specific targeted recommendations and messages to realize revenue

  • Visibility into multi-channel campaign orchestration

  • Maximized performance of your channels through data-driven channel specific approaches

  • Predictive campaign return on marketing investment (ROMI) per channel

  • Aligned resources and effort toward strategies that will yield the best results

  • Personalized messaging based on location, accounting for geographic circumstances and trends, driving targeted messaging for better hit rates

  • An export of all contacts into desired marketing execution systems

  • A targeted customer list into your marketing system with one click

As the world heals from this crisis, your business may be searching for new ways to fill revenue gaps. Be prepared for tomorrow by making plans today to maximize your data IQ and give your team the actionable insights that can drive results quickly.

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