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  • Mike Shields

Get Hands-On at the Manufacturers Experience Center

If you’re a leader in a manufacturing organization, you’re hearing far too much confusing and even misleading marketing and sales talk about “IoT,” “Machine Learning,” “Digital Transformation,” and a host of other consulting tech jargon. We felt there had to be a better way to bring these ideas to life, put them into business context make them accessible and understandable in real-world manufacturing scenarios. That inspired us to create the Manufacturers Experience Center, as a place where our customers can get their hands-on equipment, technology and the business scenarios shaping a manufacturing future and new business models never before possible.

Ultimately all of this will settle down into a clear picture of this emerging future – as the leading technology companies deliver the promise of the intelligent enterprise in the post-digital world. But right now there’s risk on both sides of this dilemma – the costly mistakes of jumping on the wrong solutions, countered by the dangers of waiting too long to begin the long journey to reshape your enterprise around these inevitable changes that will truly redefine competitiveness in the coming decade.

At eLogic, we’ve lived on the front lines of manufacturing for more than 20 years. We began in the earliest days of internet commerce (the dotcom era), helping companies to reshape themselves to win in another big shift in business models. Today ecommerce and digital customer engagement have become table stakes, but back then it was truly cutting edge and very confusing as droves of dotcom companies came and went. Only a few survived; and we selected and worked with big winners like BigMachines to create truly valuable customer solutions. Our early customers remain benchmark performers to this day.

Fast forward to today. These are the early days of cloud-based connected business systems, intelligent products, smart factories and massively scalable analytics. This is truly a new frontier. Our Manufacturers Experience Center – or as we call it the MEC – is a single place where you can go hands-on with every component of this new world. We’ve created a complete company experience in a simulated plant with process machinery, sensors, controls and communications that link to manufacturing, sales, customer and field service, and enterprise business systems. These come to life on the leading technology platforms of SAP and the Microsoft array of cloud-based solutions including customer engagement, customer service, field service, modern workplace and the Power Platform.

The MEC is a place to get hands on with a new generation of technology-enabled business practices and experience the power of a fully connected enterprise. You’ll see how to become seamlessly connected to your customers and suppliers, leveraging a combination of mixed reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Walking from station to station, you’ll get the complete picture of how data is captured and distributed through an enterprise, how IoT signals can trigger field service calls, then dispatch a field service technician, or try out a HoloLens to repair equipment.

Here are a few of the experiences you can see in action at the MEC:

For example, we show an end-to-end story of a real process mixer displaying early signs of trouble due to an early warning in its vibration signature, creating an alert, mobilizing a remote diagnosis, updating a digital image of the equipment, creating a sales trigger to investigate a non-OEM component, creating a sales opportunity in CRM to offer a new generation mixer, and configuring the quote in SAP for delivery to the customer. We show a full function Field Service solution, equipment360™ and demonstrate how a new generation sales guidance solution, called Pinpoint™ Selling are already helping manufacturers to move ahead.

The best way to envision the changes you want in your company is to see and experience them for yourself. While you’re here, you can meet with our teams, brainstorm concepts, and make use of our incredible meeting spaces.

Every MEC visitor has left with a clearer understanding of these technology drivers and has formulated better ideas and strategies on how best to move forward into this future. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

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